Save the medical masks for the frontline men & women!

Masks For The Public To Protect Citizens Against Covid-19

With Each Mask Purchase, A Mask Will Be Donated!

About Masks For Citizens

With the shortage of N95 masks available, Pucuda Leading Edge expands to make urgently needed masks that are an effective and affordable option for the public so we can save medical grade equipment for medical personnel.
We retooled part of our plant in Connecticut to make convenient, effective and affordable masks you can use to go grocery shopping, get take-out food or run other essential errands while staying more protected and practicing social distancing with greater confidence.
We can all feel safer when more of us use masks whenever we need to venture out, especially during this growing COVID-19 pandemic. We’re moving fast to serve our community and nation during this challenging time.
  • General Public Use
  • Grocery Store Employees
  • Foodservice Workers
  • Delivery and Logistic Workers
  • Custom Service People
  • Backup Supply For Healthcare
  • Police Stations & Soup Kitchens
  • Help Protect Loved Ones
  • Help Protect Your Community

White Masks

To help in stopping the spread of Covid-19 in your community.

Assorted Colors

We offer an assorted colors option to stay safe in style with quality masks.


Purchase for your community. If ever was a time to donate, now's the time.

I ordered 1500 to donate and was so impressed by the quality I ordered 5000 more.
Brad P. from NH
We are very thankful for the masks we got from Masks For Citizens as our entire department now each has their own reusable one.
Boscawen Police Department
These masks are making our jobs safer and providing us with peace of mind in a time where their is a lot of uncertainty.
NH Soup Kitchen

Protect Your Loved Ones & Community.