Making Masks for Schools Makes Sense!

Lots of people want to sell schools something. We do not want to sell schools anything but rather provide safe solutions to schools, parents and students.

I am a visionary, inventor, technical and solutions person. I’ve had to do what seemed impossible many times over and I am going to do it for schools now. To Administrators, Teachers, Students and Parents: Let’s all get ready to get back to school safely, while focusing on education, socialization, and budgets.

I believe masks should be part of going back to school. Students are a challenge to get to wear a mask. We have all been there, we will live forever. I am still in touch with my inner child, just ask my wife. But this isn’t about selling masks, it’s really all about getting back to a more normal life and masks prevent the spread of serious respiratory illnesses like coronavirus and mitigate losses from such a pandemic.

My life experiences and past accomplishments have given me a wide range of experience, knowledge and seeing the big picture. I teach things in basic ways. For example, no one is caring for the monkey. Let me explain. We have a stuffed monkey in the office that makes its rounds to remind us about needing to care for the monkey. Sometimes you may play the part of the monkey and other times that monkey gets placed on your back! How you handle that monkey is your responsibility. In the case of schools government, unions, community, parents, teachers, etc., we all have a giant monkey. That monkey is COVID-19 safety protocols and procedures. So where can you go to get help for the monkey?

More than Masks

Masks, yes, but it has to be more then masks to address the real issues and needs while accepting the responsibility of providing packaged solutions. We always try to stay ahead of the curve and schools should be no different.

As a safety professional, and visionary I ask myself many questions including, are masks really needed? Why, and in what ways can I be doing more? The best place to start is at the very beginning of the issues and the best place to end at the end. The beginning, to me, is the child getting to school. In many areas that means riding a bus, and busses are expensive closed spaces. The bus driver has responsibilities already and needs to set rules and expatiations for the children and parents. A bus may be no different than an airplane, clean the surfaces, seat family members next to each other, create reasonable social distancing, wear a mask. Wear a mask at the bus stop and while on the bus and likely when in a crowded hall. But first we need to make masks that they will actually wear!

Quality Designer Masks that Kids Want to Wear!

We have added two new mask lines with fabric crayons or fabric markers in both youth size and tween/adult size. Additionally, I’ve added other items such as tee-shirts in youth through adult sizes for creating art on, and adding personal size hand sanitizer in each package.

We are rolling out school specific packages that will include a youth mask line with school specific logos. All are being designed and manufactured in the USA at our Connecticut manufacturing facility. These are 100% cotton, 3 ply, washable, reusable masks! I am donating with each order and harnessing that donation component to directly benefit schools.

Reach Out For Mask Supplies or Questions

I am available to talk directly with teachers and school administrative staff. My email is and my cell numbers are east coast 860-227-6495, west coast 310-990-9060. I’m very interested in feedback and continue to compile data, recommendations, technical information and specific plans at no cost or obligation to purchase.

School Mask Procurement Options

Schools can purchase in bulk items or bulk packages if they wish, but I suggest you allow me to engage the power of my website, and knowledge of fundraising and getting community support. I am adding an ability for companies and members of the community to purchase masks and or packages and donate them directly to the school.

What I am suggesting is that parents directly order masks according to what your school has decided is safe and best for your students. Some may not be able to afford this, and that becomes part of the charitable donation component. Schools need funding to operate as does a business so I decided from the beginning to operate at close to cost. Some things I simply don’t manufacture, but I can buy in large bulk and pass along the savings.

What’s being impacted in your schools? Art, Music, shop, sports, activities? I simply can’t sit a watch a generation that does not have benefit of those things, but I also know I can’t do it all myself. I have already started to tackle art with including personal fabric markers so each student has them and there’s no need to share. All packages come with 2 masks or more so one can be worn to school and maybe one can be used for a school art project. We’re looking into getting donations to support extra sets of masks for school needs.

With tee-shirts, my ability to make volume purchases keeps them more affordable. Of course, a school can scour the internet and find a lower price. I’m simply stating that I’m passing along savings, and by having an affordable set of items tailored to meet parents’ and schools’ needs, we make it easy for everyone! Again, I do understand that some families are facing challenging times and my wife and I will work on ways to donate to those children.

Concerning demand volume I have no control of it, nor do I have control of schools waiting to the last minute and creating an overwhelming demand. It’s a community, society, parent and school decision. The more I sell the more I can do to keep costs down and donate masks to families in need. We’re so dedicated that my wife and I have invested a large part of our retirement into this mask effort.

The Why Behind Masks For Schools

The “why” for me may be a bit different then my wife. For me it’s knowledge of the need, tenacity, and my never-quit attitude. I have the experience of fixing things, and helping solve complex problems. For example I helped a boys’ choir for South London, Libera produce a national PBS pledge drive using my own finances and personal backing. I raised a lot of money to offset costs from supplying lunches to doing live performances. I then funded production of a Christmas song and it played on Sirius XM, in major retailers, and on radio. All proceeds went to Libera.

I chaired and wrote the ASTM standard for nets used in amusement parks, as well as many other standards. I consult with industry and have consulted for the Commissioner of Baseball at ASTM’s suggestion.

I understand the pain of losing an only child as we lost our daughter Sarah Sept 25, 2017. I used my unwillingness to quit then to donate my kidney to save the life of my wife of 42 years, who’s now doing great. I understand and manage the safety of my employees, and my wife, who is at high infection risk from medication she takes.

Pressing On?

I have three questions. 1) Should I cut losses and move on because everyone seems happy with masks they have, and may think this is going away soon? 2) Do the cheap imports and suppliers out for a quick buck have us all taken care of? 3) should I keep doing this because people are looking for better information, more empathy & caring, higher quality masks and a company with the willingness to help? The decision to move full steam ahead depends on the prevailing answers.

Please feel free to contact us if you have feedback, ideas or questions.